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Please note that the items found under the “Archived Essays” page are not included here.

Opinions on art, aesthetics, taste, and criticism

  1. Beautifying the Ugly Truth: Art, Religion, and Nietzschean Aesthetics
  2. How Food Can Be Art: A Discussion of Taste (Parts 1-8; Coda)
  3. Hume, Kael, and the Role of Subjectivity in Criticism
  4. The Meaning of Lists
  5. Art and Criticism (Again)
  6. Neuroaesthetics
  7. Video Games Are Art
  8. On Morality in Criticism
  9. A Defense of Banksy
  10. In Defense of Heresy in Criticism
  11. Blurred Lines: On Art and Pornography
  12. A. O. Scott and the Role of Free Will in Criticism

Earlier opinions on art, aesthetics, taste, and criticism

  1. Hamlet and Our Problems
  2. The Role of Personal Taste in Aesthetic Judgment
  3. Impersonal vs. Objective
  4. Defining Art (Why Bother?)
  5. Learning to Love Slow Cinema
  6. Testing Joyce’s Definition of Art
  7. Taste: A Lesson from Food Science

Analyses/critiques of specific films/television series

  1. Thor: Thoughts and Questions
  2. The Tree of Life
  3. The Turin Horse
  4. Prometheus: “There Is Nothing in the Desert, and No Man Needs Nothing”
  5. Leviathan
  6. Tim’s Vermeer
  7. Apollonian and Dionysian Artistic Impulses in The Lego Movie
  8. In Defense of Hannibal and Its Use of Gore
  9. Station to Station: Reflections on Manakamana
  10. Sublimation and Repression: Inside Out, Star Trek, The Incredible Hulk, and The Babadook
  11. Deserves Got Nothing to Do with It: The Enlightened Morality of Wonder Woman

Posts on favorite films of the year

  1. Favorite Films of 2012
  2. Favorite Films of 2013

Other essays, editorials, and reviews

  1. Should Art Be Federally Funded?
  2. Art Therapy: Some Aesthetical and Ethical Considerations
  3. On Prequels
  4. Prequels Revisited
  5. Subliminal: Leonard Mlodinow’s Nietzschean Look at the Unconscious


  1. Can Blogs Be Literature?
  2. Pranking the Artworld
  3. RIP Arthur Danto (1924-2013)

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